Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nerdlution Round #2- Jumping on the lipstick bandwagon!

I have been sitting in front of my computer for about 15 minutes now mulling over what I should write and what my goals are going to be for Round two of #nerdlution should be. I have also been reading over several other posts about #nerdlution in hopes to gain some inspiration. My educator and reading idols did not disappoint! The inspiration and ideas were abundant among the #nerdlution community. @iChrisLehman and @dogtrax  posts made  me laugh and smile! @CathyMere reminded me of all the great books I read during round 1 of #nerdlution and want to keep reading into round 2. ( I am itching to finish Rump right now!) But the one #nerdlution post that resonated with me the most was by @frankisibberson
          The past weeks have been absolutely crazy between the demands of work and family. Sometimes it feels like I can't breathe or get a moment to just "be." I keep thinking when is it all going to slow down? Well, after reading Franki's post, I realized that life probably won't slow down anytime soon- unless I make adjustments. Like Franki, I need to stop and put lipstick on! Not just the organic chapstick I put on everyday, but my favorite shimmery pink MAC lipgloss that smells like delicious sweet strawberries!

"So, the lipstick is not about how I look really (although I should look a little better!). It's about making a decision to not let little things go because I'm in a hurry and I want to get to the next thing faster.  That the 15 seconds I gain from not putting on lipstick is not going to make me any more productive during the day. If I am going to slow down and enjoy the days, it has to start with the morning, the "getting ready for the day" part.  So, lipstick seems to be a good reminder of that. (And my mother will be oh, so happy at this #nerdlution!)" ~Franki

 So after reading across several different blog posts and INTEGRATING and SYNTHESIZING the information ( just like the CCSS asks our students to do! And yes I feel like I eat, sleep and breathe the CCSS these days!) here are my Nerdlutions for round 2!

Nerdlution #1
Continue to read books for young readers and teens. The characters I have met over the past weeks are beautiful! Reading the young adult literature has not only brought me back to my days in middle school and high school, but the books have also helped me to gain insight into the issues and concerns of students today. I feel more connected to my students and have a better understanding of the world they are growing up in.

Nerdlution #2
Stop and enjoy life. I need to make time to enjoy the little things in life. The constant going, going, going of life can take a toll on anyone! I want to get better at leaving work at work, and not focus on what I need to do for work after my boys go to bed. I plan on acting out more Star Wars scenes with Drew, and building crazy ramps with Nolan for his trains to go down. I also want to make sure I thank my husband more often for the support he gives me. He'll probably appreciate a kinder me!

Nerdlution #3
Take more risks, and stay positive. Who knows.. there maybe a #nerdcamp coming to Connecticut! (Talk about a huge risk and under taking!) This educator and reading community I have become a part of is life changing and an incredible experience. I want bring a sense of excitement and passion about teaching, learning and reading that is evident through the #nerdlution community back to my colleagues and students. With so much stress surrounding the CCSS and the SBAC assessment, it is so easy these days to get go down the rabbit hole of data, teacher evaluation, and mid year conference and lose sight of what is important. It is so important to keep the love of learning alive in our students! And to help us all remember why we as educators went into teaching in the first place- the kids.

I am really looking forward to this round of Nerdlution. I am ready to keep learning and growing among a fantastic group of people! I can't wait to read other's nerdlutions, their progress and to cheer each everyone on!



  1. Kara,
    So funny! I'm reading Rump right now too. OK, actually I am listening to Rump right now as the library only had an audio copy. During these cold snowy days I've been adding to my Shelfari shelf so I'm ready for round 2. I enjoyed making more time for reading in round one and am looking forward to continuing in round 2.

    Have fun acting out scenes and building ramps. Those days will fly faster than you can imagine.

    Good luck in round 2,

    1. The time does fly by! CRAZY! Good luck to you too!

  2. You have this down Kara! I am motivated by your #nerdlutions and am "integrating and synthesizing" just like you... I love that you are making "Enjoying Life" a goal... I certainly need to prioritize that as well. May the Force be with you... :)