Friday, January 17, 2014

Falling in Love with Close Reading Resources

After talking with my friend Theresa, she suggested that I share the link to the google docs folder where I am housing the lessons I have created for close reading strategies. My lessons are adapted from the lessons created by Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts in their fantastic book Falling in Love with Close Reading. In the lessons I have written and implemented, I took the structure from their work, their wording from lesson design, and adapted it to meet the needs of the class that I have been a guest teacher in for the past two weeks. The ritual of close reading that Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts have developed has had a major positive impact on my students. The perseverance, active learning, and love of reading that my students exhibited is truly remarkable!! I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of them! Inviting teachers in to watch the learning of the students and the implementation of these lessons have opened our PLCs up to deep conversations about student engagement, students constructing their own meaning,  meeting the students where they are in their learning process, discussion techniques, and promoting the love of reading. I encourage reading specialist and teachers alike to take a risk, work out of your comfort zone, and try these lessons out!

 I also filmed a lesson that I am hoping my husband can help me edit down to the most important parts- and that is not an hour long! Hopefully I can post that as well. Also included in this post is a link to a Professional Development presentation that I presented today. Again, I want to cite the work of Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts. I embedded discussion questions from their Falling in Love with Close Reading twitter chats as well as their study guide for their book. I also what to acknowledge the work of Colby Sharpe as I showed his YouTube video to kick off the presentation. I hope that you find these links helpful! I am very happy to share all I do! It has been an amazing learning experience! 

Click on the picture below for the folder of lessons and PowerPoint Presentation. I welcome any feedback or questions!

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  1. Great job with the lesson plans and the power point on Falling in Love with Close Reading. I love what you chose to practice close reading on!!! :)