Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Special Delivery

Today, when I pulled into our driveway after a particularly long day, I was thinking,"How many hours until bedtime?" And sighed when my two boys started whining about not wanting to get out of the car and eat dinner.  I began to drag myself out of the car and unload my heavy school bags, already thinking about PLC agenda I need to put together as well as other school work.

Then, I saw it! Sitting on my front porch was an amazing Amazon box filled with the new books I ordered for myself and books I ordered for my two boys. My desperation to speed up to bed time, turned into excitement for bedtime! I was going to be able to read a new book to each of my boys! 

So tonight, after watching Cailou with my 4 year old, Drew, we are going to read about the adventures of Lego Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and R2-D2. I love watching his face light up with the Star Wars adventures we read about. His imagination goes wild and I love it! 

Nolan, my 19 month old, loves reading 
Elmo Says, Shake a Leg and Barnyard Dance. He amazes me at his ability to anticipate the coming action on the next page. Everytime we read his favorite books, it is like we are reading it for the first time. Nolan sweetly and enthusiastically touches he's nose, waggles his fingers, and flies a plane. He laughes hysterically as he waves Nigh Night to Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird. 

I wish I could bottle up my sons enthusiasm and love for reading and keep it forever. I don't want them to ever think of reading as a chore. I see the magic reading brings to them every night.  
How can I say no to Drew when he says, Momma, please one more book? And Nolan has books strewn around his crib that I hear him pick up and read to himself. I sneak in and watch him cuddle with Animal Sounds and wonder what is he dreaming about? 

Pure happiness! 

So,no matter how crazy busy or awful my day is, it's reading to my boys that makes me incredibly happy and forget the dramas of the day. Who knows, maybe some day I'll even be able to quote accurately from Star Wars!  


  1. Love it! :) You are such a great mom, teacher, and writer. If you don't hear it enough, I'm very proud of you Kara!

  2. I think I would be completely lost if I didn't take time each day for myself to read for enjoyment...whether it be a newspaper, a magazine, a book, a blog...I HAVE to read. I love it. It's my favorite hobby and way of life! I love your passion for reading!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'